Contributing our knowledge and expertise Pro Bono

BLB has been rendering Pro Bono service for the Alexander Kartveli Association from the very beginning of its formation. Alexander Kartveli Association was founded by US citizens, Richard Rubin and Stephen Johnson, Aviation Media LLC, US corporation and Georgian citizen, Ramaz Bluashvili.

The association’s main objective is to curate Alexander Kartveli's life and accomplishments. Alexander Kartveli (Alexander Kartvelishvili) was a Georgian influential aircraft engineer, a pioneer in American aviation history, and an early technology innovator. Association is focused on building a community of corporate sponsors, supporters, and enthusiasts who are passionate about aviation and Kartveli’s unique place in US-Georgian history to raise awareness regarding the story of an important Georgian innovator who brought to life some of the foundational aerospace technologies of today and his contributions to aviation science and US-Georgian relations.