BLB rebranded: expanded its practice and now offers its customers legal services in all fields of law

Through rebranding, the firm has changed its logo and its visual identity. 1995 onwards, establishing a high-level professional standard and providing client-oriented services still remain the top priorities of our team.

One of the primary new changes undergone by the firm is the further development of the criminal law practice.

The head of the criminal law practice is the firm’s Partner – Maya Mtsariashvili.

With the aim to further develop the criminal law practice and to provide customers with the high-quality legal services, Giorgi Mosashvili – a new Partner in Criminal Law joined our team.

With our experience, we jointly offer the expertise and knowledge possessed by an investigator, a prosecutor, an attorney, and a judge. The significant advantage of the services that we provide is our expertise and experience in business/corporate law, which serves as a major strength in litigating cases in relation to crimes committed through entrepreneurial and economic activities, crimes committed in the finance and tax fields, public sector, “white-collar” crimes, money laundering, etc.

Our clients benefit from the valuable experience that our team has gained through a long-standing and successful professional work in the public and private sectors.